Home Again

...rewriting their story...

Home Again - Angel the serie alternate 5 season
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...we all know how dangerous 'what if' game can be...

But What If Angel didn't strike that deal with Wolfram and Hart? How would that affect the others, L.A, the world?
Would that save those who died, or would it destroy them all?
Let's see, shall we?

Welcome to Home Again, the Angel Alternate season 5 game.

When Lilah offers Angel the L.A branch she doesn't make it an 'everything or nothing' deal. She makes him a favour creating new memories for Connor, then ask the question about taking over the W&H offices.
Angel declines.

The Fang Gang continues their quest to help the helpless pretty much like before, and Cordelia is offered a chance to come back to aide them once more.
Meanwhile, Wolfram and Hart is back, stronger, bigger, shiner than ever, with Lilah as the new CO. Hey, being dead never stopped anyone, right?
But nothing can stop the Champions now, not when everything is going right for once... Not an Apocalypse on horizon, not the appearance of Black Thorn, not W&H and not all enemies coming back to town...

Characters taken:

Connor: connor_the_son


Characters open:
(characters needed)
(characters possible)

You want to bring someone else in? Perhaps Willow brokes up with Kennedy and want to get a shot on Fred? Or Lorne? Perhaps Tara is brought back by TPTB to be new link to them? Maybe all the L.A need is a touch of Sunnydale in a form of friendly neighbour Clem?
Come up with a good idea, and you're in.
Want to play an OC? Let's hear about him/her/it.

*Post at least once a week. Please? There's no real consequences, real life happens to all of us, just let us know on the ooc journal, kay?
*Spellcheck is nice. Spellcheck is friendly.
*There's no pairing set. Logically A/C and Wes/Fred would follow, but if you want to ship Angel and Lorne, Wes and Gunn, Fred and Lilah and Cordy and Lindsey? Go on, it can be fun.
*Het, slash, smut, sex allowed, but anything graphic should go under the lj cut...
*Have fun.

Questions and comments to noelia.g at gmail.com, thanks *g*